Russian adaptogens (Tunguska Mist) have been in use for thousands of years by the Siberian and natives of the Asian continent. They were used as native tonics by fishermen, hunters and warriors to stave off fatigue after long periods of physical activity. They were also used by the women to support the body during childbirth and for the entire population during long journeys of migration. russian grocery store

During the 1940’s, a pharmacognosist who studied the medicinal effects of plants, Nikolai Lezarev, established the term “adaptogen” to describe a particular group of herbs with immune, endocrine and metabolic support properties. In the 1960’s, his student, Israel Brekham established a definition for the classification of Russian adaptogens including:

1) Non-toxic activity,
2) Non-specific response to protect against and reduce effects of stress, and
3) Normalization of body systems including the endocrine, immune, and metabolic organs of the body.

Sports Nutrition

The use of adaptogens is particularly interesting, not only because of the aboriginal origin of the substances to support native populations but because of the use in modern times. The Russians and Chinese have been known to use phytonutrient formulas including Russian adaptogens to reduce fatigue and improve athletic performance in many record setting Olympic athletes and Olympic teams. During the 1990’s, athletes on both the Russian and Chinese Olympic teams who demonstrated spectacular performance and were under suspicion for use of illegal performance enhancing drugs, were found to be negative when stringently tested for drug use. It subsequently became known that they were using formulas of natural substances containing Russian adaptogens such as Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola and Leuzia proving the ability of Russian adaptogens to reduce fatigue and provide body system support against physical and mental exertion all resulting in improved athletic performance.

Russian adaptogens have also been used to support the health of the cosmonauts when undergoing the highly challenging and stressful training and when going into space. In fact, in the former Soviet Union, party leaders were frequently supported with herbal phytonutrient regimens including Russian adaptogens. Fortunately, products containing high levels of the same agents found to be useful in Russian adaptogens are no longer limited to the Russians.

Quality blends of adaptogenic agents may be easily found containing not only the famous Russian adaptogens but a blend of 22 of the identified adaptogens available in the form of Tunguska Mist and Tunguska Blast. These products can give not only the super athlete or amazing astronaut support against fatigue, they can give the average person – athlete or not – protection against stress. Tunguska supplements containing Russian adaptogens are able to provide support of the immune system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system and metabolic organs such as the kidney and liver.

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